Just A Guy Enterprises
Really, really good consulting services
Services from Just A Guy!
Specializing in lots of things including the following::
  • DEVOPs: See below
  • Moving to the cloud: There can be incredible advantages to moving part or all of your infrastructure to the cloud.
  • SCM: Subversion, Git, CVS, ClearCase, Continuus
  • Defect Tracking: Jira, Trac, Bugzilla, Entertrack, ClearDDTS
  • Systems Administration: Linux, IRIX, SunOS, Solaris, Windows, OSX
  • Network Administration: Open source based appliances preferred
  • IT infrastructure: Outward facing servers (eg: web,email,DNS,SQL) security and scalability. Internal infratsructure.
  • Software Development: From a simple bash script to PHP to Ada. Whatever you need.
  • Process: Analysis, Improvement, Automation
  • Particular Expertise: Lots of in-depth experience with samba and various linux distros as well as Solaris and Irix